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Cleaning Your Air Exchanger

Air exchangers can help improve your indoor air quality. They remove stale and polluted indoor air and replace it with fresh outdoor air. This is critical in newer, tightly-built homes that do not have natural leakage of air through the building envelope. Most air exchangers have an internal “core” that takes the heat from the […]


What Are Gas Meter Regulator Vent Clearances?

What is a gas regulator and relief valve? That “dish” looking thing on your gas meter is a regulator. Its job is to control the pressure of the flammable natural or propane gas as it enters your home. High pressure is needed to distribute gas to all the homes in your neighborhood or city. But […]

Double Tapped Circuit Breakers

What Is a “double tap? If your electrical panel has a “double-tap,” this means that two wires are connected to a single terminal on a circuit breaker or busbar. Sometimes this may also be referred to as a “double lug.” This condition is not always a problem. Some circuit breakers are designed to have two wires connected […]

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Frost in the Attic

When warm moist air from inside the conditioned living area of a home makes its way into the attic, we need to vent that air out in a quick and efficient manner. This is especially true during the very cold Minnesota winter months. In the picture above, we see frost accumulating on the underside of […]

Indirect Plumbing Connections

Here’s a fairly common item I see while performing home inspections. What you’re looking at in the picture is the discharge and overflow hoses from a water softener tying into the homes sewer drain system. Why is this an issue? Because of the way they are connected. Appliances like your water softener should not be […]

Gas Appliance Back-Drafting

If a home has a gas-fired water heater or furnace, one of the things I look for during the home inspection is signs of “back-drafting.” This occurs when the hot flue gasses are not efficiently traveling up the exhaust system and out of the home. Instead, the hot exhaust is spilling out around the top […]

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Roof Damage Caused by Trees

As we get closer to the end of summer, now is a good time to take a look at any trees located close to your home. Are any of the branches or leaves touching your roof surface? If so, that area of the roof will deteriorate at a much faster pace than the rest of the roof.

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