HUD Compliance Certifications for Manufactured Homes

What are HUD Guidelines for manufactured homes?

Manufactured homes must comply with guidelines set by the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD). When financing a manufactured home, lenders will usually require one or more HUD Compliance Certifications. These certifications are meant to ensure that the home is in compliance with certain HUD guidelines.

Items requiring certification relate to the foundation, the method of securement, attached additions, and verifying the home is in its original placement location. These are referred to as Permanent Foundation, Additions, and First Permanent Location Certifications. All are important considerations for the safety of the home’s occupants and for the integrity of the home’s structure.

What is a Permanent Foundation Inspection?

The Permanent Foundation Inspection and Certification checks for the presence of a permanent tie-down system under the home. It also includes an assessment of the drainage around the foundation to help ensure the crawlspace area or basement are not in danger of flooding.

What is an Additions Compliance Inspection?

The Additions Compliance Inspection and Certification checks for the presence and support method used for any additions to the home. “Additions” are generally defined as any non-original item that is placed against or directly adjacent to the home. This can be a deck, added on room, a roof overhang, or even a storage shed pushed up against the home. HUD Guidelines state that the home cannot be used as a support member for any of these additions.

What is a First Permanent Location Inspection?

The First Permanent Location Inspection and Certification looks for evidence that the home is on its original foundation in its original location. Or in other words, it attempts to verify that the home hasn’t been moved.

How does it work?

On-site inspections are completed by our specially trained inspector. The inspector will examine and take pictures underneath and around the home. In certain cases, the inspector will also need access to the interior of the home. Our findings are then forwarded on to a state-licensed engineer who will make a determination on whether the home meets HUD’s requirements (We partner with Manufactured Home Certifications, PLLC, a professional engineering firm specializing in this field). In most cases, the engineering firm returns the results to us within 24 hours. We then send you the completed report/certification.

INFOTEC Home Inspection offers HUD Compliance Certifications to Central and South Central Minnesota, as well as the Twin City Metro Area. Submitted requests are typically turned around in 3-4 days. Click the button below to get the process started today!

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